How to Build Social Media Presence

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Social media is a mandatory step getting online audiences and being seen in your niche market. Depending on your public (age, interests, and geography) you can choose the right social media channels.

One strategy is to open 3 or 4 social accounts but to invest most of your marketing effort in only one or two at the most. For example, if your audience is younger you might want to concentrate your effort on Instagram and maybe Facebook.

If your audience is more business related and you know your viewers and buyers are mostly on LinkedIn, that will be your main media channel. Be prepared that building audiences in some channels can be a more painful and time consuming process. An example of this is Facebook versus Twitter, being the former easier to get more audience.

There is also the question of how each social network is implanted in your country or business zone. For example Twitter does not work well in some countries and there are others that have their own local social networks.

Opening a social network account is very easy and generally requires only a few minutes. Nevertheless, each social network requires different information and also different photo dimensions to work with, so it si likely that you will have to spend more time customizing it to your like.

Best way is to build a set of templates to work with, here are some examples:

Your logo brand

Normally must have squared dimensions and must work with a rounded frame.
A cover page
Start with a 2.5 by 1 layout and be prepared to stretch it to 3.5 by 1.

A generic brand photo background

You can opt for a squared layout (1 by 1 ) but also have a 3 by 2 version. You can promote anything by writing different text on it.

Specific photo background for each theme

If you want to promote webinars, initiatives, speakers or other types you can build a specific photo background for each one.

Engaging phrase photo background

If you want to promote an engaging phrase of some famous person you can build photo backgrounds with different colors.

One way to work with different image sizes is to build a template base which can be adaptable and cropped to different resolutions. You can have different templates such as one for a generic cover, another for a festive cover, another to introduce an initiative, a speaker, a product or even an engaging phrase you want to post.

When you have different templates you can build different versions with their own dimensions and use a slide show document to insert the text into them. For example using a slideshow in Google Drive enables you to post text messages with shadows or logos inside the images very easily. If you do the right homework you can pass the template to a marketer person and she can easily change it with the right content.

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