Although Lisbon is considered as one of the youngest startup ecosystems in the world, most startup reports refer it as one of the world’s fastest growing startup ecosystems. Lisbon presently scores very well on almost every indicator such as access to talent, affordable housing, affordable cost of running a company and quality of life. Bloomberg recently compared Lisbon as being the San Francisco of Europe, referring to the commonalities “Surf, electric and golden bridges” where “Young entrepreneurs can live the technological dream”.

Lisbon thriving startup ecosystem has been able to attract Web Summit, one of the world’s biggest entrepreneurial conferences, which attracted in its 2016 edition more than 53,000 people from 166 countries, and in 2017 around 60,000 people from more than 170 countries, including 1,200+ world-class speakers, 2,000+ of the world’s best startups and 1,400 tech investors.

The city is committed to positioning itself as a Startup City at a global scale, with a rising number of entrepreneurs choosing Portugal’s capital to launch their ideas, products and services. Lisbon achieved the 4th place in the main “Startup Cities Index” in the world and has 7 universities on the top universities in the world ranking.

This strategy began with the Lisbon Participatory Budget (2010), where one of the winning projects was a hub that later created Startup Lisboa, a big reference in Portugal and in the world.

There are currently over 40 co-working spaces, pre-accelerators, accelerators, incubators and innovation labs in Lisbon. The most important entities are Startup Lisboa, Startup Portugal, Lispolis, Building Global Innovators (BGI) and Labs Lisboa.


Besides Web Summit, Lisbon hosts other important events such as Lisbon Entrepreneurship Week, a week of celebration, reflection, discussion and promotion of entrepreneurship in the city, Montepio Acredita Portugal Competition and BGI Competition.




Media Invest Group participated in Web Summit 2017 through three of our companies: Empreendedor (media coverage), Hotelvoy and BuyinPortugal (startup Beta).

Media Invest companies have been organizing several important events such as Lisbon Startup Weekend, Switch, Feira de Empreendedorismo de Lisboa (Lisbon Entrepreneurship Fair) and Dia do Empreendedor (Entrepreneurs Day). has been one of the main information media promoting events from the major Lisbon ecosystem players such as CML (Lisbon City Council), Lispolis, BGI, Acredita Portugal, FIN (Forum & International Business Fair China-PLPE) and others.